Monday, 24 January 2011

Here we are again, happy as can be .....

Yes, it's back to work time.  The Winter break is at an end - we have endured seasonal influenza, day time television, waved goodbye to Christmas/New Year guests and stared at our empty bank balances.

To cheer everyone up we have re-opened the shop with a spruced up, new look, together with a generous Winter Sale.  Most of the shop products have a 15% reduction off their original price.  We also have a Sales table with a selection of items, individually priced.  We want to see you - so come along and do some Sales shopping!

Nearly forgot - this January we have also been joined by 2 new members to our respective homes - Bonny & Fizz.  No, not D&S babies but beautiful, adorabale, rescue dogs. (OK then, they are our babies).